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Pilates is a form of specialised, functional movement, originally devised by Joseph Pilates.

As a result of being ill at a young age, he became interested in anatomy and how he could heal the body through movement. Pilates created the Classical Mat method, which would enable him to teach healing movement to others, improving the functionality of his client’s bodies across the globe.

Pilates has progressed even further since then. Pilates teachers have hundreds of exercises at their fingertips so that they can provide a bespoke treatment plan for their clients.

More than just a gentle, slow paced workout, Pilates is a practice that will promote overall body awareness, aligning your mind and body. Pilates will improve your mobility, your strength, your posture and help you rediscover your core.

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Movements are slow and controlled - allowing time for the mind to connect with the body.

Change happens through
movement and movement heals

- Joseph Pilates

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